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The Christmas Carriage and Other Writings of the Holiday Season Blurb Blitz

To celebrate holiday reading, author Alice Jane-Marie Massa invites you to join her on a snowy, imaginary carriage ride featuring her holiday memoirs, short stories, essays, and poetry from her book, THE CHRISTMAS CARRIAGE AND OTHER WRITINGS OF THE HOLIDAY SEASON.

Spanning from Thanksgiving through the new year, this collection includes her remembrances of Hoosier holidays in the 1950s and 1960s.  "The Christmas Carriage" (set in Milwaukee) and "The Puppies of New Year's Eve," along with stories about a military family, two holiday weddings, and a homeless person will warm your heart this winter.  From "Zoe's Christmas Eve" to "Snow Dancers," Alice's poetry provides merry and memorable reading for both adults and children.

With a beautifully festive cover, this book is one you will want to wrap as a holiday gift, as well as a book that you will want to keep beside your chair while you settle into the sparkle and joy of this holiday season.

For additional information about ordering this 101-page book in either print, electronic, audio, or braille versions, please visit the author's web page.

Alice also invites you to visit her weekly blog.

Somewhere along a snow-covered road on route to Santa Claus, Indiana, I came to a terrible realization--no pretty patent leather shoes were on my feet.  In a burgeoning panic, I told my dad that he had to go back home for my dress shoes because I could not possibly see Santa while I was wearing my house slippers!  My dad tried to explain to me that he could not return home, that the roads were slippery, that we had to arrive in time for Mother's meeting, and that Santa Claus would not mind my wearing boots within which were house slippers.  I was not swayed a bit by his logic.  This time was one of the extremely rare occasions when my wonderful dad did not grant my wish.  I cried real tears.  Nevertheless, that first weekend in December, I did wear my red house slippers, covered by my big red boots, to see the real Santa Claus.  Thankfully, all worked out well.  I do not think Santa had a clue about my footwear:  he still brought me the nice gifts I had shyly requested as I sat upon his knee.

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Author Bio and Links:
Although Alice Jane-Marie Massa has lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for over 25 years, growing up in the rural Indiana town of Blanford (with a population of approximately 400) influenced the subject matter and style of her writing. After earning master's degrees from Indiana State University and Western Michigan University, Alice, still a Hoosier at heart, taught for 25 years, including 14 years of teaching writing and public speaking at Milwaukee Area Technical College. Having retired from teaching English and grading stacks of student papers, she now focuses on her own writing.

Alice invites you to visit her blog where, since January of 2013, she has posted weekly her poetry, essays, memoirs, or short stories. Her writings on Wordwalk frequently focus on her Indiana hometown of Blanford, her four guide dogs, her Italian ancestors, and writing. Additionally, some of her writing pieces have been published in Indiana Voice Journal, Magnets and Ladders, Dialogue, Newsreel, and The ACB Braille Forum, as well as in the anthology Behind Our Eyes: A Second Look.

Away from her desk, Alice enjoys reading, container gardening, and the television program Jeopardy. Since March 21, 1990, Alice's guide dogs have added sparkle, spirit, and independence to her life. Currently, most of all, she is grateful for her long walks with her fourth Leader Dog, Willow (a black Labrador), who is following very well in the amazing pawprints of Alice's beloved first three Leader Dogs—Keller (a Golden Retriever), Heather (a Yellow Labrador), and Zoe (a Black Lab/Golden Retriever mix).

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You Taste Like Whiskey and Sunshine VBT

There's an evil queen, a demented father, some amateur boxing and a trailer park story. Even a silver fox makes an appearance. Why wouldn't that entice you?

If you are looking for something different from the rest of the books out there, something that might make you question your sanity then you will love this book.

Mom? Are you reading this? Maybe you should have a drink first. Can we get a rum and coke over here? She’s gonna need it...

A lot of people have asked me throughout this process, why I would want to write this book. There are a few reasons why I decided to completely expose myself for the world to see, but certainly one particular moment comes to mind. During a heated argument with my ex-husband, post-divorce, he blurted out that he thought I was incapable of loving another human being. It’s one of those things you hear that is so shocking to you that the argument just ceases. I was speechless, I didn’t know what to say. Normally I would have chalked it up to the fact that he was in fact a disgruntled ex because it wouldn’t be the first time we got down and dirty in an argument, but this time I didn’t. I never forgot that comment, mainly because I wondered for years if it was true. There was just something about the way he said it that made me wonder if I was really that irrevocably screwed up. So, I decided to delve into my past, for my sake as well as my daughters, to find out why I walked out on a relationship that everyone thought was perfect.

A Day in the Life of an Author

Many people in my life have wondered what an author does throughout the day. I’ll warn you ahead of time, there is no glamour involved and sometimes I’m on the cusp of cabin fever, but at least I can make my own schedule. My schedule can change to fit my needs at a moment’s notice. If I want to go and visit friends, I can do that because my schedule is never set in stone.

My ex-boyfriend used to look at me with judgment as his alarm went off at 7 am and I just nuzzled deeper into his warm and suddenly vacant pillow. I’m not much of a human being in the morning and that’s usually because I’m up writing until two or three in the morning. I’m fairly certain my boyfriend thought that I was having a Stephen King marathon on Netflix and eating Lindt chocolates all day and he would only be half right.

Typically, I start the morning slowly; caffeine is the only thing that gets my eyes to stay open for long. I don’t even change out of my pj’s unless I have errands to run or have to drop my daughter off at school, so I’m not going to lie, there are days where I lounge around in my comfy clothes for a full day. Don’t judge! I turn the kettle on to make tea and I often spend the first part of my morning journaling and manifesting the things that I want in my life. It’s a great way to start the day because it puts you in a positive mood right away. From there, I get on my laptop and check my emails, start some social media posts and then it’s time to get creative, which is my favorite part of the day. Sometimes, it’s even hard to get out of that mood when my stomach starts to growl and the laundry starts to pile up.

I wasn’t always like this though; I used to get up at the break of dawn, hating my life because I despised mornings and my job. But one day I decided to work on my passion and you know what, it all worked out. Now, I write and blog with you wonderful people. It took a lot of hard work and a belief that I could do anything to accomplish it, but here I am holding a tea and in some of the warmest comfy clothes that I own.

As much as I love being an author working from home can be a pickle at times because it takes discipline to make it work. I have to constantly keep myself motivated, otherwise, the next thing that I know I’ll be bathing my pet gecko or sitting out on my porch drinking champagne. Seriously, these things have happened! Another problem I have is not going stir crazy because writing all day can be a lonely task. Depending on if my muse is working effectively that day, I can put a solid five hours of writing in, so that can make for some pretty lonely hours. I’m typically home alone for long hours and if the radio is not at least playing I feel a little kooky at times. What typically happens is that I will play episodes of Law & Order: SVU in the background, so it’s like I’m hearing people around me at all times. Yes, I know it’s weird, but it works. Plus, I get awesome inspiration for my thriller novels.

At the end of the day, I have a pretty awesome job and I’ve never once regretted for a moment to follow my heart and my passion. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else but clicking away on my laptop in my comfy clothes. The best any of us can do for our lives is to follow our passions and do what we really love. If any of you are thinking of taking the plunge and doing what you love, I support you and can attest that happiness is on its way to you.

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Author Bio and Links:
Kimberly spend her days writing about serial killers and playing on her blog while trying not to get sucked in by her Facebook notifications or get into the whiskey decanter (just kidding...kinda). Check out her blog.

If you are looking for something different from the rest of the books out there, something that might make you question your sanity then you will love this book.

Seriously! The comedic and sassy perspective will make you see things differently, and you may even find yourself laughing out loud. It's a good story and one that I truly believe needs to be told. Period.

It’s dark, raw and takes you to a door that keeps all my innermost secrets. I hope that the book makes you laugh, makes you cry, and inspires you to be the best version of yourself.

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Revision is a Process NBtM

A first draft holds the possibility of what will be a great story. Revision turns that rough diamond into a spectacular gem worth a reader's money and time.

Writers are individuals but to be a producing writer means creating a system to revise and polish a work so the reader thoroughly enjoys the story. REVISION IS A PROCESS is a guidebook for writers and authors that shows how a simple 12-step process can be tailored to eliminate the most common and chronic maladies of writing genre fiction. This valuable guidebook contains secrets, tips, practical advice, how-to's, and why-to's for taking the frustration out of self-editing.

From Section 9 - Said is not Dead
One of the most controversial aspects of writing dialogue is the use of said as a speech tag. Some think using said is pedestrian and boring, others pepper every line of dialogue with said for fear the reader won't know who is speaking. The fact is that said is nearly invisible to a reader. However, overuse is a common problem, so delete as many as possible without jeopardizing clarity or use beats. (Revisit the Oubliette example on the previous page. Said was not used. Beats were.)

In your review to minimize using said, watch for LY or ING ending speech tags like: "Drop dead," she said dramatically. That tells (and does so poorly). Instead show with a beat: "Drop dead." The anger in her voice was unmistakable. You should avoid such tags as "Of course," he said knowingly (which has an ING and an LY). You may catch the LY and ING tags in the passivity check, which is discussed in Section 11. However, don't mistake the ING words when they're necessary, such as "Oh, that dialogue speech tag has a participle added to it," Marsha said, squinting at the underlined word on the page.

Yes, that's right, squinting is part of a participle phrase, which can be useful in speech tags.

Background of the book

Okay, I will admit it. I began writing as a Pantser, one who writes by the seat of their pants. I also fell for all the rhetoric about BICHOK (Butt In Chair Hands On Keyboard) and let it all flow out as it may.

Of course, that led to extremely messy first drafts wrought with all kinds of problems that had to be fixed or manuscripts ended up in the closet because they dead-ended. Overhauling a completed draft drove me crazy.

Out of such hair-pulling frustrations, I shouted "There has to be a better way!" Not only did I want a better way to overhaul a manuscript but I also sought accurate advice on streamlining the process of telling a story. It's not enough to write well, it's a matter of telling a story well from the get-go.

So I went on a six-month binge of reading and studying all the how-to books I could borrow from the library and buying some that dealt only with revising. That flood of information was an eye-opener. It led to me realizing there were actually ten categories of how writers generate stories. And I was not a Pantser but a Foundation type of writer. (If you're interested in knowing what the 10 Types of Writers are, request a free copy).

Knowing that the story "dump" I get has everything I need to know about a story led to my establishing a Project Bible for all my writing projects. Such knowledge means I answer all the pertinent story questions before I write, netting me the broad brush strokes of the plot, characters, etc. Which means I do not have to overhaul an entire story or, worse, begin a story only to have it dead-end.

However, just because I turn out better first drafts doesn't mean I'm home free. There will always be elements that need looked at, evaluated, rewritten, or checked for. So I came up with my Master Revision Cheat Sheets.

In 2015, at my Writers Cheat Sheets Blog, I did a twelve-part series on the process of revision, going from the Big Picture items to the Final Checks. At the end of the year, I promised my readers to put the series in a book. REVISION IS A PROCESS—HOW TO TAKE THE FRUSTRATION OUR OF SELF-EDITING was published in April. However, in this guidebook, I not only added more information, I included a Revision Master Cheat Sheet checkoff list.

One thing every writer needs to keep in mind, and which I constantly stressed in REVISION IS A PROCESS, is that revision is a process. It's about not reading through a story a million times trying to find and fix things but searching for specifics and fixing them (and only them) before moving on to the next item to check for.

Do you have to do all twelve steps of the process? Of course not. After all, some things you know you did right from the onset. However, other things you know you need to check so an editor won't waste their time pointing out the same things a million times. Having a revision process also means your book is less likely to have errors that will turn off readers, editors, and agents.

Now, for you Pantsers, I have a question for you— How many times, on average, would you say you go through a draft to get the words right and sort the story out? Then add to that the number of times you go through the work to polish the grammar and punctuation. Please share your findings with a comment.

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Author Bio and Links:
Catherine E. McLean's lighthearted, short stories have appeared in hardcover and online anthologies and magazines. Her books include JEWELS OF THE SKY, KARMA & MAYHEM, HEARTS AKILTER, and ADRADA TO ZOOL (a short story anthology). She lives on a farm nestled in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains of Western Pennsylvania. In the quiet of the countryside, she writes lighthearted tales of phantasy realms and stardust worlds (fantasy, futuristic, and paranormal) with romance and adventure. She is also a writing instructor and workshop speaker. Her nonfiction book for writers is REVISION IS A PROCESS - HOW TO TAKE THE FRUSTRATION OUT OF SELF-EDITING.

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Arrested Flight Review Tour

Ex-police detective Michael McLaren is determined to have a peaceful holiday after the fiasco of his first attempt at Windermere, so he stops at a bed-and-breakfast in Moorton, a village in Cumbria.  But mystery and murder seek him out, and he soon succumbs to the B&B owner’s plea to investigate the year-old death of her daughter’s fiancé, a young musician.

The Lake District parish seems peaceful, but a rival  musician’s jealousy and a business partner’s anger boil beneath the façade.  Mix that with ‘Barmy Barry’s’ sightings of fairy lights  at the castle, references to Uther Pendragon's return and the secrets in the woods, and McLaren finds his sanity shaky.

When the vicar is attacked and Barry disappears, McLaren sets a trap for the killer.  But as it plays out, his concern shifts from the potential capture to praying he and his friend can escape with their lives.

Barry looked up, apparently aware of McLaren for the first time, and called, “If Vicar takes you into the church, stay away from the soul in the coffin.”

McLaren turned around, clearly surprised. “Pardon?”

“The soul,” Barry reiterated while chewing, “It lives by the coffin near the north aisle. It’s a big coffin.” He turned to face Church Lane, holding out his arms and gazing at the sky. Wriggling his left arm, he said, “It’s on the north aisle.”

“Have you seen the soul, Barry?”

“Lots of times. Morning, noon and night. He comes out more at night. He doesn’t like to be seen. He told me.”

“He must get cramped, lying in that tomb.”

“He comes out when the fairies fly around with their lights, so he can see. Church is awful dark at night. He don’t frighten me, but there’s others do.”

My Review:
4 stars

I did not know going in that this was book 8 in the series, but I was still able to follow everything. There were a few times where I noticed details or character traits that probably would have made more sense to me had I read the other books in the series, but it wasn't a big problem.

I enjoyed the plot and the writing style. The story was well written, and I was drawn into the mystery, enjoying the level of details as they made the story that much more real to me. 

My favorite part of the book was McLaren himself. While he was talented and smart he was also flawed. In other words, he was human. And I was a big fan of the fact that the author didn't go the "I'm brilliant and a jerk" route with McLaren. I was a little confused by some of his actions, but I think that might be because I haven't read the other books in the series and gotten to know McLaren.

The only part that annoyed me where the viewpoint changes as I wasn't expecting them. Normally I don't mind them, but I found them a bit distracting and disorienting at times (which might have been the point). Also, there were some "huh?" moments when reading that distracted me a bit, but overall, this was a fun mystery, and I cannot wait to read the rest of the books in the series!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

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Author Bio and Links:
A month-long trip to England during her college years introduced Jo to the joys of Things British.  Since then, she has been lured back nearly a dozen times, and lived there during her professional folksinging stint.  This intimate knowledge of Britain forms the backbone of both the Taylor & Graham mysteries and the McLaren mystery series.

 Jo’s insistence for accuracy from police methods and location layout to the general “feel” of the area has driven her innumerable times to Derbyshire for research.  These explorations and conferences with police friends provide the detail filling the books.

In 1999, Jo returned to Webster University to major in English.  She graduated in 2001 with a BA degree and departmental honors.

Her cat, Tennyson, shares her St. Louis home.

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Sanctuary of Lies Excerpt Tour

ISABELLA NUNEZ owns a computer firm in Brooklyn with her lover JACOB COSTA. Accepting her infertility they have a blue nose pit bull called Justice as their “child” and live simple lives as techy nerds. Isabella’s idyllic life is shattered when several days after her lover’s ex-wife, SIMONE JOHNS, reported death, sends Jacob an email to come save their child, he didn’t know they had.

Exclusive Excerpt:
“Are you hungry?” he asked as he looked over his shoulder. Jacob saw Bella’s brows go up and her smile transformed her face into a mischievous minx. She threw the covers off of her body to reveal a very naked Bella.

“Funny you should ask. I woke up hungry but you had already gone into the shower.” Bella replied.

Jacob cared for Bella. It wasn’t the stuff of fairy tales that she told him about, Jacob didn’t do Prince charming. To Jacob caring meant he would see to her needs, be there when she needed it and protect her. Jacob never claimed he was romantic but he was committed.  It hadn’t been enough for Simone but it seemed like Bella would take him as he was. and not hope the change so many women thought happened to men after marriage.

Bella was curvy and about 5’6. She was tall enough for him to find her in a crowd and she had a laugh that was loud and infectious.

Simone’s text message would steal some of her joy and it had to be handled he thought to himself as he dressed for the day.

“It’s time to make the donuts, so you’re going to have to hold out until tonight.  If you want food I can take you to the diner on my way to work.”  Jacob replied as he picked up his phone and reviewed the text messages again.  It was the same. Six messages from new clients, Four messages on updated projects, one unknown text and Simone Johns.

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Author Bio and Links:
Being a child of divorce, I have experienced both sides of the American Family. I understand there is a loss to the family unit, that no longer has a father in it.  In the face of that loss, I discovered a woman can rise to the occasion and not replace a man but offer her own strength, moral compass and guidance. In this environment a child can grow up feeling loved, accepted and ultimately successful in life.

Those experiences in my formative years have made me more aware of the women around me and the daily feats of resourcefulness and ingenuity that goes unnoticed and unacknowledged by society. My stories highlight societal issues and the ever-changing challenges women face that I've observed during my life.

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The White Lady Blurb Blitz

Avery Dunham has always been ready to follow her friend, time-traveling wizard, Ignus Burke, on incredible adventures. This time, though, she has serious misgivings. It's just one week before Christmas, but she cannot get him to change his mind. The usually cool and collected magic-wielding leader is wholly obsessed by the portrait of the White Lady whom he is bent on rescuing.

Almost as soon as they begin their journey, it becomes clear their mission is a trap.

Avery was right: this adventure is not going to be like any other.

Avery had a few queries on the tip of her tongue, like, “Are you out of your freaking skull?”

If she didn’t ask, Stan probably would. They’d graduated from high school this past June and worked part-time ‘nothing’ jobs, taking a break before college while finding their way, as Avery’s mother put it. Mostly, they were drawn to Ignus like moths to a flame, especially Avery. Not that he noticed.

If only he’d look at her the way he did the white lady. More and more, the portrait seemed to dominate his thoughts. How could a petite, okay short, girl in a sparkly pink sweater and unicorn leggings compete with this tantalizing beauty?

Avery wasn’t plain, some even referred to her as cute, but exotic didn’t describe her. Quirky, sure. She wouldn’t term her brown eyes deeply affecting, and her face wouldn’t compel men through centuries to her side. The best she could do was plead with him.

“Ignus, be reasonable. Please.”

No reply. He wore his stubborn look. Crossing his arms over a lean chest, he tilted his head to better view the femme fatale on the wall above them.

The tousled brown hair covering his ears and forehead needed a trim. In his red Zombie Preparedness hoodie with a white rescue logo, gray dress pants, and white high-topped sneakers, he was the quintessential nerd. Most importantly, he was a wizard and time traveler with a passion for rescuing lost souls. His fervor for this particular lady was alarming.

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Author Bio and Links:
Married to my high school sweetheart, I live on a farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with my people and furbabies. An avid gardener, I grow herbs and heirloom flowers and use them in my stories. The rich history of Virginia, the Native Americans, and the Scots-Irish are at the heart of my inspiration. My English/Scots-Irish ancestors were among the earliest settlers in America. I write historical romance set in the colonial frontier (The Native American Warrior Series), and the American Revolution (The Traitor's Legacy Series), colonial American Christmas romance (A Warrior for Christmas) Georgian England romance (Into the Lion's Heart, the time and place of Poldark). Some of my historicals have ghosts and paranormal in them. I also write Young Adult shapeshifter, fantasy romance (The Secret Warrior Series), and New Adult paranormal time travel, time slip romance to the Scottish Highlands, the American Revolution, the Civil War, WW1.. (My Somewhere in Time and Ladies in Time Series.)

The White Lady is available on Amazon and in eBook from all major online booksellers.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Hinder Blurb Blitz

Ethan SUTCLIFF is no normal seventeen-year-old, but he tries to be really hard. He is what witches call a Guardian, or a the easier term will be a Bender. Benders are crucial to elemental witches as they have the ability to bend their witches’ gifts. In Alex's case he is one of the rarest, an Earth Bender, but his witch is either dead or deep in hiding and Ethan needs to find whoever they are otherwise the witching race might be in danger.

On Ethan’s tenth birthday, exactly at the stroke of midnight, he had received his earth element. The connection between the earth and Ethan was so powerful, it had triggered an earthquake for a full three seconds.

Benders always received the full dose of their Wielders’ ability. For the next few years, Ethan would be able to wield the earth Element as well as bend it. For the next four years, we not only needed to find his Wielder, but also to keep him safe from the others.

Earth Wielders were a force of balance. They were the true leaders of all supernaturals. They had to stay pure. They carried within them the power for immense good… or if they fell, immense evil. If they lost their sense of balance, they could become Necrocretors. Necrocretors didn’t play by the rules. They broke and bent them as they pleased.

Everything Natalie and I did aimed toward keeping Ethan balanced and on the side of good.

The hardest test Ethan would face in his entire life would be if his Wielder turned out to be female. The resistance. Wielders and Benders could never be involved as a couple. And yet the pull is addictive. Strong. Even though it was against the law, many Wielders and Benders failed. I knew; I was one of them… a long time ago.

The rest of the supernaturals consisted of what humans called monsters, myths, and paranormal beings that made great characters of most fictional tales.

Ever since the jinns lost the chalice, they were no longer part of the race. When they lost the chalice about three hundred years ago, the earth Wielders took over completely. In the wake of the jinns’ collapse, there were ten who controlled everything, but one by one, they started to perish, and nobody knew why.

Lowest on the totem pole were the shifters. Once a shifter went rogue and became a Necrocretor, there was no turning back. Shifters were vicious and could turn into anyone with the same anatomy as theirs. Necrocretors loved gaining shifters.

It was why earth Wielder never reach that age, the age where their magic matures and stabilizes. The phase where they magic was powerful enough to reset the balance, to wipe the earth clean from all the evil inside the Necrocretors, from all the ugly, and to start uphold the law of not just the elements, but of all the supernaturals.

There hadn’t been someone like that in the past four hundred years.

It was why the Guardians, a supernatural human race, started with the Sentinels.

A group of five that would jump in when things get out of hand.

Sometimes I think they were a myth, as they haven’t jumped in yet.

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Author Bio and Links:
Kristin resides in South Africa with her husband, two beautiful girls and two bulldogs that tries to eat her house. She has been writing for the past eight years and her first debut novel, Hinder: A Bender's novel will be published 2018 by Fire Quill Publishing.

When she isn't writing, she is spending her time with her family or trying to teach her two bulldogs to not eat her house. You can find more about Kristin at

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Believe me, it will be worth your time.

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